who are we?

The Chispa Action Network (CAN) is comprised of diverse and talented young women from across Guatemala who are committed to leading transformational change.  

Young women in the network are carefully selected by Guatemala's leading organizations and schools for their leadership "spark" (chispa) and commitment to community. The Chispa Action Ntework exists to create and propel synergy among these changemakers.


CAN is powered by Starfish, a dynamic girl-focused organization achieving unprecedented results among rural, indigenous adolescent girls in Guatemala. Since 2008, Starfish has been working to unlock the potential of first-generation “everythings.” CAN reflects Starfish’s commitment to organizational collaboration and abundance mindset and evidences the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a key attribute of Starfish's ethos. 

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”
— Emma Goldman

Chispa action network Goals and principles

  • Create powerful social capital among Guatemala's most talented emerging female leaders. 
  • Position both the need and the value of investing in young women in Guatemala. 
  • Systemic change is not achieved in isolation—participants come from all sectors of Guatemalan society. 
  • Embody a rights-based focus, particularly on the right of participation. 
  • Use the Sustainable Development Goals to measure impact.  
  • Create powerful synergy and tangible coordination of efforts among Guatemala's leading organizations and schools.